Your Session

First Meetings

Before meeting we will exchange some information about what you expect and hope for from your therapy, along with an overview of your medical history and current treatments


We may need to establish infection control protocols

After that we can arrange an initial session at a time that suits you


Body Work

We always practice clothed, so please wear loose comfortable clothing and minimal jewellery


Every treatment is new, responsive and adaptive to whatever arises between us in the present session

Your Shiatsu or Cranio Session

After some dialogue to establish what you are seeking from the treatment, we will establish how you are comfortable to receive body work


For Shiatsu we will usually work on the futon mat on the floor, but you could choose to be seated in a chair or in some cases on the massage table. For Cranio you'll usually be on the massage table or in a chair 


Over Time

After our first session I may recommend a series of follow up body work sessions at a frequency that is appropriate to your needs


Like other therapies, Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy have their most profound effects when you can engage with them over time

Get in touch with Helen to book your body work session

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