What is Cranio?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges that the intelligence of the body effects its own healing under the right circumstances

BCST is a gentle non-invasive form of therapeutic touch that supports feelings of safety, thereby allowing the nervous system to relax into a state in which the physiology can carry out its own healing processes. Its safe for all people including newborns and the elderly. You may benefit if you have persistent back pain, headaches, migraine, chronic fatigue, or any ongoing symptom physical or psycho-emotional

Your nervous system is always asking - Am I safe? before choosing how to use your body's resources. Past imprints, shocks, trauma and relational wounding can interrupt the natural return to balanced functioning. When your nervous system is activated in this way, it limits the resources directed towards healing. BCST both listens for how your system is functioning and supports the flexibility and strength of your system to recover from dis-regulation

My Craniosacral Therapy Practice

At the Heart of my Practice


My aim is to communicate the experience of a safe relationship. Because we are social animals, our bodies regulate themselves in relationship. Your physiology is profoundly affected by the experience of safety or danger with another

You will be heard & witnessed just as you are. The touch element is always negotiated between me, as therapist and you, the client so that you are in control


At the heart of my practice I use touch that conveys my compassion for you and is responsive; conscious and clear

Touch is sustained and gentle giving space for the body system to release and expand into rest and repair. The natural tendency for the body to heal cell damage and relax tensions is fostered, encouraging the return to a neutral state of comfort and ease

Craniosacral Therapy works very well alongside medical treatment for your condition or talking therapies that you may already be receiving


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