What is Shiatsu?

Touch is the oldest healing we know. It soothes our nervous system so the body can repair. It feeds our well-being and our belonging

Shiatsu is a hands on therapy using body weight and mainly palm and finger pressure to interact with the muscles, fascia and connective tissues, listening & responding to all that is held and expressed in your body. It's a healing method that comes to us from ancient Chinese medical practice, via Japanese Zen philosophy, combined with an understanding of psychology and Western anatomy

Shiatsu is a meeting place between me and you, in the understanding that to touch the body is to connect with the whole person. The result is a deeply informed method to help you return to health and contentment if you are experiencing pain, illness or discomfort in the physical, psycho-emotional or any aspect of your life

My Shiatsu Practice

At the Heart of my Practice


Touch is a language you understood before you learnt the meanings of speech. As a baby you knew the world you had arrived in through touch; knew whether you were safe and, hopefully, that you were not alone

This body-language remains incredibly powerful and nuanced into adulthood. Through it we can communicate things beyond speech


During Shiatsu we meet at these pressure points and pathways and I may use my hands, elbows, knees and feet to guide my bodyweight to make a connection with you. Sensitively discerning what pressure will allow your tissues to release and subtle energies to re-establish their flow

I see my Shiatsu as a meeting ground which offers you a space to be with your own sensations, perceptions and needs while we are present together


At the heart of my practice I use touch that conveys my compassion for you and is responsive; conscious and clear

It is underpinned by knowledge of the acupressure points aligned along energetic channels called meridians that trace paths through your body, and the anatomy, physiology and psychology of your complex being


I bring my curiosity and compassion to the space so that our work can be alive to what is arising for you in that moment

My practice is rooted in centuries old understanding of how, using focused touch, I can help you find your way back to your natural state of health

My aim is to be a loyal witness as you open to the support of the healing forces that are already within you

Shiatsu Therapy works very well alongside medical treatment for your condition or talking therapies that you may already be receiving


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